The Rad Journey

The Data is just a clue to the end truth - Josh Smith

Data galore! But making it useful for decision-making requires the adoption of the appropriate people, processes, and incentives. In this bi-weekly newsletter, I write at the intersection of data, business decision-making, and small businesses and how it empowers businesses to grow using data science.

If you're an entrepreneur, a small business, or if you have a side project, this newsletter is for you. It has never been easier to go independent or start a small business. Digital has become the most dominant medium. My goal is to empower small businesses to win online commerce. You are going to learn something fun and useful.

About Bargava

I am the co-founder and CEO of Krayen, where I am building customer journey analytics to help small businesses improve their ROI on Digital Marketing spend. My background is in Data Science. I worked as a Machine Learning Engineer for many years before plunging into entrepreneurship. Krayen is my third startup. I strongly believe in the creative power of small teams.

When am not working on my startup, I am most likely to be reading, listening to a podcast, playing chess, or watching NBA. I am currently working on being mindfully productive.

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Using data to make better decisions for small businesses


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